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Machine QA

QA Pilot™

Implement daily, monthly and yearly reports in a program built around TG-142, allowing you to easily navigate and configure required QA compliance. QA Pilot is a fast and easy way to keep track of all machine QA and ensure confidence that your equipment is in tolerance. Simple dashboard views allow for quick overview of individual machine performance.

QA Pilot™ part of complete solution for: Daily QA Monthly QA Annual QA

QA Pilot™ Overview

Single Solution for QA Testing - TG-142 and Beyond

  • Upload Machine QA data through a direct connection to most daily QA equipment.
  • Flexible, intuitive user interface lets you adjust sites, linacs and users within one institution.
  • Cloud-based data means instant updates are applied to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Your QA Tests In One Place

  • Ensure QA tests are completed and recorded while maintaining flexibility in the organization.
  • Implement document signoff requirements from one or more people identified individually or by role.
  • Set deadlines for signoffs with automatic email alerts sent out to the appropriate individuals.
  • Create protocols that will handle any customized requirements of your facilities.

Accessible Reports from One Location

  • Easily access QA reports from any iOS mobile device.
  • Simple dashboard view gives an overview of individual machine compliance, individual reports and direct communication with responsible parties.


Tech Notes

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