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Standard Imaging: Annual QA Built for the Future: DoseView™ 3D

Posted: Jun 23rd, 2023

The DoseView™ product family launched more than 12 years ago with the introduction of our first generation DoseView™ 3D water phantom and software. Since then, Standard Imaging has continually advanced the development of hardware and software components of the system.

Building on their experience with providing the best in high-quality QA devices and drawing from the team’s expertise in developing numerous reference class electrometers, Exradin Ion Chambers, and several world-class software QA tools, Standard Imaging expanded their portfolio through a careful progression to encompass the development of this highly accurate and easy to use 3D scanning system.

2nd Generation Hardware

Standard Imaging recently introduced the 2nd Generation DoseView hardware, which features cutting edge advancements including an extruded Aluminum frame and machined corner braces for unparalleled rigidity and accuracy. Maintaining 0.1mm accuracy across all axes provides better raw data that requires less post scan processing while also enabling a faster and more direct pathway for the user to complete scan data for Commissioning, Acceptance, TPS Beam Modeling, and general beam QA.

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In response to the ever-changing topography of our field, the 2nd Generation hardware development was completed with tomorrow’s tech in mind. The DoseView 3D scanning tank has been engineered to fit within the bore of the Varian Halcyon® Treatment System and features a wireless pendant and wireless software connectivity. With thoughtful and elegant design elements, practicality is the core essence of the DoseView 3D tank with its easy-to-use Chamber Alignment Jig providing accurate and straightforward chamber placement, so you can get scanning tasks completed easily and efficiently.

Figure 1: The DoseView 3D Water Phantom set up for scanning and commissioning inside the Varian Halcyon® Linac.

Updated Intuitive Software

In addition to updated hardware, Standard Imaging strives to continually improve upon the software component of the DoseView phantom family with regular upgrades adding new features and functionality. An already comprehensive tool for scan analysis, the software features an intuitive, user-friendly interface providing straightforward navigation to all the tools necessary for scanning, collecting, and processing scan data including numerous post-scan filters and reference scan comparison options.

The scan queue creation and editing functions make scan queue generation fast and eliminate repetitive tasks offering significant time savings in setting up scan lists. With the latest iteration of the software, scan queues are loaded, and data is acquired and then immediately stored in a database for future access, analysis, and export. Raw scan data and any applied custom modifiers are stored in the database as well, so your team can reliably access your raw data including records of how your data were processed. DoseView also offers export capabilities to all major reporting and treatment planning systems to ensure a fluid and comfortable user experience.

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Additionally, with the release of DoseView Software version 3.0, Standard Imaging has added functionality for the DoseView™ 1D Water Phantom. Partnering the DoseView 1D Water Phantom with Standard Imaging’s SuperMAX™ or Max4000 electrometer provides straightforward and comprehensive depth dose and single point measurements. Standard Imaging has worked to ensure our Total QA Solutions provide a complete, cohesive answer to the QA requirements of modern Radiotherapy.

Figure 2: DoseView Software displaying scan comparisons with visual overlays and gamma comparisons against the selected reference scans.

From the smallest device detail to the simplest software function, the DoseView line of Water Phantoms and software has been carefully crafted with the Medical Physicist in mind. It makes task completion and meeting scanning requirements more efficient, so you can focus on helping patients. Standard Imaging continues to be a highly respected provider of radiation oncology quality assurance equipment for more than 30 years. Nowhere is this more evident than in the continued advancements of the DoseView line of water phantoms and software.

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This article was published in the Summer 2023 European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) Newsletter on Page 58.

DoseView™ 3D

Making sure your patients have great treatments begins with a finely-tuned linac, and that starts with the DoseView 3D.
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DoseView™ 1D

"We have been using the upgraded DV1D arm along with the SuperMax electrometer and software. We love it!" - Mark Geurts, MS DABR
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