NEWS: LinacView v2.1 Released

Feb 08, 2018

(Middleton, WI), February 8th, 2018 – Standard Imaging, Inc., a global leader in quality assurance for radiation-based cancer treatments, proudly announces that the upgraded and updated LinacViewTM version 2.1 has been released and is now available for sale. LinacView version 2.1 provides greater functionality and utility than previous versions, so much so, that it recently received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.

LinacView, a software program compatible with major linear accelerators, compares accelerator logfile outputs to prescribed DICOM RT Plans for a comprehensive analysis of machine performance without impacting your clinic’s work flow. LinacView runs on standard computers commonly on your hospital’s local area network, so there may be no additional hardware costs.

“We are excited for LinacView’s role in helping to improve patient safety. It ensures that each patient’s treatment fraction is delivered properly, according to prescribed treatment plans,” said President Eric DeWerd. Product Owner Mark Wiesmeyer adds, “Some vendors’ products in this space can be much more expensive and less comprehensive at the same time and are not designed to check machine performance during treatments as LinacView does. Plus, with LinacView, there is the added value that it can be used as a part of pre-treatment IMRT/VMAT QA.”

As a rule, if an item exists in an RT Plan and also explicitly or implicitly in a logfile, LinacView will test it. For convenience, testing is fully-customizable through a templating system, allowing the easy completion of available tests, and the seamless setting of alert and warning levels. RT Plans that summarize treatments can also be made from logfiles. These RT Plans can be reloaded in the treatment planning system to ascertain the dosimetric effects of potentially incomplete or incorrect beam delivery. If there are clinically-relevant deviations from the prescription plan, an audible beep can be heard at the treatment console and a notification email may be sent to a staff member.

Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of radiation calibration and quality assurance instruments for healthcare. The company was founded in 1989, and has become a leader in the medical physics field. Standard Imaging is committed to the fight against cancer by offering a suite of products aimed at supporting radiation therapy for cancer treatment.