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Advancing Comprehensive Patient QA with Adaptivo™ Software

Posted: Apr 8th, 2024

Adaptivo™ is one-of-a-kind patient dosimetry software that provides a true picture of patient and dose at each stage of treatment. The just-released version is packed with powerful new features and enhancements including support for FFF beams, enhanced Gamma analysis for interrupted treatments, custom low dose thresholds, interactive profile adjustments, and more.

"With the latest release of Adaptivo, we introduce powerful new features and capabilities that evolve our QA Solutions and improve the quality assurance in radiation-based treatments," said Eric DeWerd, MBA, President of Standard Imaging. "Our commitment to advancing patient-specific QA is unwavering, providing clinics with the tools they need to deliver precise and effective treatment plans."

Figure 1: Monitor and evaluate the quality of a treatment plan delivery from the first to the last fraction with Adaptivo Software.

Newest Software Features

  • New support for In Vivo analysis of FFF beams in Relative Mode for Varian TrueBeam.
  • Increased accuracy of Predicted Mode to measured comparison for EDW beams which now incorporates MLC leaf attenuation, EDW SST tables and collimator rotation.
  • Low dose thresholds can be applied to gamma comparison calculations for Pretreatment Mode, In Vivo Relative Mode, and In Vivo Predicted Mode.
  • Gamma analysis can be performed on beams or plans where the dose was delivered as planned in more than one treatment session. The software automatically combines and analyses measured EPID images from two or more image files with subsequent images appearing when the actual treatment delivery is completed at a later time. The UI will visually alert the user to the beam/fraction that has been evaluated based on a combination of images and the beam details will reflect the composite treatment delivery.
  • The beam summary information for In Vivo images will show the number of acquired images along with the date and time of each image acquisition, the recorded Meterset Exposure for each image and the Total Meterset Exposure for all images. These values will be compared to the Total Delivered Meterset from the RT Record and the planned monitor units from the Treatment Planning System.
  • An alert is generated when there is an incomplete EPID image capture of a completed fraction or if there is a true incomplete delivery.
  • An alert is generated when the total Meterset exposure from all acquired images exceeds the expected Total Delivered Meterset from all RT Records by 10% or more.
  • When evaluating Pretreatment or In Vivo Mode reference versus measured gamma results, the X- and Y- location of the profile planes can be easily adjusted and viewed using the interactive crosshair, allowing the user to better evaluate areas of interest within the Hot/Cold Gamma over the Reference Portal image or the Hot/Cold Gamma over the Measured Portal image.

“I am excited to have an innovative and improved version of Adaptivo as part of our comprehensive patient QA software portfolio," said Vicky Howard, MS, MBA, DABR, Standard Imaging Product Manager and Support Physicist. "Adaptivo takes patient specific quality assurance to a new level, providing the physicist with valuable, real-time In Vivo QA analysis for every fraction of every patient’s treatment journey.”

Adaptivo is a fully automated In Vivo quality assurance tool, which uses EPID images to automatically evaluate treatment delivery conformance for every fraction. These end-to-end quality assessment solutions will ensure physicists and physicians alike have confidence in the radiation treatment plans they are delivering and the comprehensive tools on hand to evaluate the need quickly and easily for adaptive therapy or identify patient positioning issues. Learn more about Adaptivo, watch our recorded webinars, or talk with our team to learn more!

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This article was published in the Spring 2024 European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) Newsletter on Page 40.


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