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Announcing DoseView™ 3.1: New Comprehensive Scan Comparisons and More

Posted: Jul 1st, 2022
Product Announcements

MIDDLETON, WI-Standard Imaging, Inc., is excited to announce DoseView™ 3.1, which includes comprehensive scan comparison tools.

“The new version 3.1 DoseView software now offers increased scan comparison functionality with Gamma comparison and enhanced quantitative metrics comparisons,” said Hugh Petersen, Product Manager. “With minimum disturbance and maximum accuracy, DoseView offers the most reliable, repeatable annual QA on the market.”

New Features:

  • Comprehensive Scan Comparisons: Including gamma and quantitative metric comparison for insight into Linac output changes over time or variations between matched machines.
    • Select reference scans
    • Gamma comparison graph
    • Numerical Metric Comparison of selected scan to user set reference scans
  • Additional Scan Comparison Capabilities
  • Accuray CyberKnife TPS export:
    • CyberKnife Precision TPS export
    • TPR Table export for CyberKnife

“DoseView is one of the best scanning systems out there,” said Jeff Manion, Marketing Director. “Our software walks you through the process to help your Annual QA go smoother, so you don’t need to relearn every year.”

The DoseView makes annual QA feel familiar. Intelligent scanning combined with a comprehensive analysis helps you easily achieve precise results. The hardware is built for maintaining greater accuracy and the software is clear, simple, and automated, eliminating repetitive tasks and saves time. Learn more about the DoseView.

About Standard Imaging

Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of QA instruments for radiation-based treatments that improves patient safety and cancer treatments. Grounded in reliability and trust, they've dedicated more than 30 years to developing solutions that save you time, while maintaining accurate and precise results with unmatched support along the way. It’s your time. Be precise. For more information, contact us here! Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

DoseView™ 3D

Making sure your patients have great treatments begins with a finely-tuned linac, and that starts with the DoseView 3D.
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DoseView™ 1D

"We have been using the upgraded DV1D arm along with the SuperMax electrometer and software. We love it!" - Mark Geurts, MS DABR
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