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Patient Safety Awareness 2021

Posted: Mar 12th, 2021
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Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues—we’ve all felt the effects of cancer, which is why creating precise products that allow for the best possible patient treatment is so important to us. Patient safety is at the heart of all our work. We know that our products are used around the world by physicists and therapists who are delivering the best possible care to patients, which is why we strive to create precise, accurate solutions that they can trust. For Patient Safety Awareness Week, our staff shares how patient safety has impacted them through work and personal experiences:

“As a founder of Standard Imaging, a company dedicated to quality assurance in radiation therapy treatment care, I am proud of our contributions towards Patient Safety. For 32 years, our dedicated team has provided Medical Physicists with sophisticated instruments to commission and assure the precision of their treatment equipment and patient prescriptions. Patient safety is of utmost importance, as our medical professionals provide us with the necessary treatments to return us to health.” - Ed Neumueller, Standard Imaging CEO

"Patient Safety is continually improving due to the dedicated efforts of so many in healthcare including medical physicists and their focus on quality assurance in radiation therapy. I am proud that our team at Standard Imaging plays a valuable role in this improvement by delivering exceptional quality assurance devices. Together we are fundamentally making a difference in patient’s lives all around the world." - Eric DeWerd, President

“Having had 2 direct family members battle cancer and with everything they were concerned about, I am glad that patient safety during radiation therapy was removed as one of their direct concerns.” - Ray Riddle, Chief Regulator Officer

“The topic of taking pride in the quality of our equipment, and to be able to produce products that support the quality of healthcare around the world is discussed often in our weekly manufacturing meetings.” - John Mabis, Production Director

“Very often the last thing you hear as your therapist leaves the room before your radiation therapy cancer treatment begins is “Relax, we’re watching you from outside the room so yell if you need anything”. As a part of the team at Standard Imaging I know that the use of our equipment has given them the confidence to know that they are operating their equipment with the upmost accuracy and precision- two words that truly mean the world to their patients!!” - Jennifer Beckford, Strategic Accounts Manager

“Every department at Standard Imaging works together and gives it their all when it comes to our QA Solutions. I enjoy working at a company where everyone is devoted and passionate about their work.” - Carmen Crook, Human Resources Director

"Patient Safety is more than just doing what we can to keep the people in our clinics safe. Patients entrust us with their most valuable possession; themselves, their family, their friends. Working to safeguard their experience and ensure that we do the most we can to offer the highest quality of care possible impacts every aspect of their day-to-day through the most trying of scenarios. I offer my deepest gratitude to those working tirelessly to ease these stressors and foster the healing we are all striving to provide." - Traci Conley, Regional Account Manager

“I’m proud to come to work every day knowing that the work we do makes a difference in patient treatments and patient lives.” - Ashley Reis, Marketing Specialist

“Two months prior to retiring from Standard Imaging and Covid lockdown in 2020, I started 30 fractions of image guided radiation therapy to treat a benign brain tumor that was surgically removed, partially, in 2016. Having worked with Standard Imaging’s brilliant, dedicated staff for over 15 years and developing professional relationships with many of the Medical Physicists at University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison during my tenure, I had complete faith in the quality of the equipment and the personnel delivering the treatment plan. Initially, I struggled with being ‘locked down’ to the treatment table with the patient positioning device, but eventually I overcame that fear by convincing myself that I needed to open my mind and heart to the healing powers of the radiation for it to work. Although I was told by the Radiation Oncologist, we may not know how effective the therapy would be for years to come, a recent annual blood test indicated that the tumor is responding and creating the positive outcome we were looking for. So, thank you Standard Imaging and UW Hospital for this terrific news, I couldn’t be happier.” - Diane Washa, Former Marketing and Communications Director

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