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Radiation Therapy QA Essentials from Standard Imaging

Posted: Jan 29th, 2024

Standard Imaging offers the best-in-class solutions QA essentials to ensure your clinic delivers the highest quality treatments every day, for every patient. Whether you are due for a QA equipment refresh or establishing the foundation for a new QA program, quality and robust QA essentials are important to set the stage for accuracy and efficiency in your clinic and to provide a reliable baseline for your routine QA practices including daily, monthly, and annual QA. There are key QA tools every clinic should have in their essential QA toolbox: high quality ion chambers, versatile electrometers, a quick setup 1D water tank and a fully automated daily QA device to ensure your radiation therapy clinic meets or exceeds industry quality assurance standards.

The Essentials of Ion Chambers

Knowing your radiation therapy delivery machine is calibrated accurately is the ultimate baseline for your quality assurance program. The standard can be set with the Exradin® A19 or A12 ion chambers, which are characterized for TG51 or TRS398 and offer superior stability and durability. The advanced guard design creates a consistent collecting volume with uniform electric field lines, providing a stable, repeatable signal, quick settling times, and collection efficiencies of 99.9% or greater. Exradin ion chambers stabilize immediately after applying a bias voltage and have minimal to no polarity effects or leakage currents (+/- 10x10-15 A). To add further functionality in you QA toolbox, both the Exradin A19 and A12 are available in MR compatible versions.

Electrometer Essentials

The SuperMAX™ Electrometer is designed to surpass expectations for a reference-grade electrometer, making it the perfect addition to your essential QA toolbox. Superior accuracy and stability allow for measurements after only one minute of warm-up time, enabling a seamless integration into your QA workflow. The color touchscreen interface allows for easy operation and the versatility of two measurement channels with independent control over range (0.001 pA to 500.00 nA, 0.001 pC to 999.9 µC), bias voltage, and applied factors. This makes the SuperMAX electrometer ideal for a spectrum of applications including IMRT, brachytherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy QA, as well as cross-calibration between two chambers, isocenter versus off-axis comparisons, and in-air versus in-water comparisons.

DoseView1D Tank

Designed for positional accuracy, streamlined setup, versatility, and interoperability, the DoseView 1D tank is a perfect addition to your TG-51 or TRS-398 calibration workflow. Engraved vertical lines and an easy-to-use handheld controller, expedite phantom alignment with room lasers and two fill lines accommodate 20 cm and 25 cm depth measurements for quick and easy setup for a range of detectors. Fully automate your 0.05mm precision depth dose scans and enable remote operation and viewing of the detector position with the DoseView 1D Software. Seamlessly control your SuperMAX Plus or MAX 4000 electrometers and display rate/charge data in real-time, set range and bias voltage, as well as perform charge collection and automatic data recording using all modes (timed, repeating, continuous, triggered).

QA BeamChecker Plus

The QA BeamChecker Plus daily QA device rounds off your QA essentials toolbox by providing a reliable, versatile, and automated tool for your comprehensive daily QA tasks. Save time and money with its’ suitability for many modalities (Co60-25MV photons, FFF photons, and 6MeV-25MeV electrons) and delivery systems enable QA standardization and workflow consistency. Its’ standalone wire free operation, patented energy detection with no need for added buildup, and fully-shielded electronics, means less errors in your daily routine, a quicker start to your treatment day, and less potential damage to your QA device.

A Foundation for Continuous Innovation

These Standard Imaging QA essentials provide a foundation for continuous innovation to ensure your clinic is primed to meet the ever-evolving QA demands in the face of today’s rapid technological advancements. From basics to beyond, Standard Imaging has the QA tools for success.

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This article was published in the Fall 2023 European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) Newsletter on Page 22.

QA BeamChecker™ Plus

Easier daily QA with simple, fast, and reliable measurements using automatic energy detection.
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DoseView™ 1D

"We have been using the upgraded DV1D arm along with the SuperMax electrometer and software. We love it!" - Mark Geurts, MS DABR
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SuperMAX™ Electrometer

The premier two-channel, reference-grade electrometer on the market.
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