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Solar Energies and Geothermal Technologies: Standard Imaging’s Environmental Sustainability Commitment

Posted: Apr 21st, 2022
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Standard Imaging continues their focus on environmental sustainability with their net zero carbon emission strategy that includes solar energies and geothermal technologies.

Since the construction of their headquarters in 2007, they’ve maintained their goal of zero emissions directly from their facility with four 11.9 kW solar array trackers and a geothermal heating and system contributing to these efforts. In 2021, they took another step toward greater environmental sustainability and partnered with Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) to power their headquarters with solar energy from a 5-megawatt (MW) solar array at Middleton Municipal Airport.

The geothermal HVAC system conditions the entire facility without having to ever burn fossil fuels. Due to this specialized construction, there has never been any CO2 emissions from the building since it was built. 100% of the air handling in the building is derived from the unique HVAC system. The heating and cooling are produced from liquid-filled pipes that take on the constant temperature of the earth and then channeled to a variety of heat pumps which utilize the specific temperature to heat or cool as needed.

The combined production from the solar array trackers and the offsite solar panels provides enough clean energy to power approximately 28% of their operations and will offset about 205,000 pounds of carbon dioxide released into the air annually.

Standard Imaging has been Wisconsin Green Tier 1 certified participants since 2009. This tier recognizes companies that strive for superior environmental performance and allows leading organizations to align their environmental management system with business objectives and strategy for continual improvement in their environmental performance. Learn more here.

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