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Standard Imaging Advances Stereotactic Radiosurgery QA with Acquisition of Lucy 3D QA Phantom

Posted: Apr 6th, 2006

MIDDLETON, WI - Standard Imaging announced today the acquisition of the Lucy 3D QA Phantom product line from Sandstrom Trade & Technology, Welland, Ontario, Canada. Lucy 3D QA Phantom is a comprehensive quality assurance instrument used to test and measure the accuracy of stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy protocols when treating tumors and other medical disorders by simulating a patient's head. Stereotactic radiosurgery is a non-invasive medical procedure that utilizes very accurately targeted, large doses of radiation and is an effective alternative to surgery or conventional radiation treatment.

According to Ed Neumueller, President, Using the Lucy 3D QA Phantom to verify accurate targeting and detect system errors within medical imaging, radiotherapy, and stereotactic radiosurgery helps ensure improved patient outcomes which is the core of our corporate mission. For nearly twenty years, we have designed innovative products that medical physicists rely on. Offering the Lucy 3D QA Phantom with our ion chambers and electrometers creates an integrated solution and positions us as a complete quality assurance and dosimetry provider in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery.

Lucy 3D QA Phantom contains known targets and spatial relationships detectable on CT and MRI diagnostic equipment. Once the diseased area is located, clinicians use the phantom to simulate and verify the accuracy of treatment planning and therapeutic delivery systems; ensuring the localized target is treated with the correct dosage while minimizing the risk of damaging healthy tissue.

The purchase of the Lucy 3D QA Phantom product line comes on the heels of three other recent acquisitions for Standard Imaging -- IMSure QA Software, PIPSpro Software and Exradin Ionization Chambers. As part of the transaction, Standard Imaging will maintain a consulting relationship with Sandstrom Trade & Technology to provide ongoing transition support and product development assistance.

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