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Out of the Gray (Gy) Podcast

Out of the Gray (Gy) Podcast

The largest Radiation Therapy podcast in the world.

A look at the world of Radiation Oncology through the eyes of those on the front lines of cancer care. Interviews with the best minds in the field to discuss the best in new ideas, research and the future of Radiation Oncology Technology. Join us as we chat with members of Medical Physics, Medical Dosimetry, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Oncology Industry, Physics Professors, Educational Program Directors and more!

With Host Traci Conley

Traci Conley

The voice of Out of the Gray with a background in Radiation Therapy and more than 17 years experience in the industry.

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Accreditation in Radiation Oncology with Nadeem Khan, PhD.

Episode 70 — Apr 20th, 2023


Dr. Khan joins OOTG for the first iteration in a series of chats where we discuss a multitude of topics ranging from accreditation to leadership to the business side of RadOnc. Be sure to subscribe so you’re us to the latest in this valuable series.

Featuring Guest:

  • Nadeem Khan - Profile Image

    Nadeem Khan

    DHA, MS, DABR, FACRO, FAHM, FHIAS, FACMPE / Oncology Hematology Care

Nadeem khan

Episode 74 / Radiation Safety – Routine But Paramount ft. Dr. Nadeem Khan

Dr. Khan joins Out of the Gray (Gy)’ to share his insights on Radiation Safety, discusses how the practice of Radiation Safety impacts all members of the facility from the physicians to environmental service team members and offers tips for implementing a successful Radiation Safety Program. 

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