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Out of the Gray (Gy) Podcast

Out of the Gray (Gy) Podcast

The largest Radiation Therapy podcast in the world.

A look at the world of Radiation Oncology through the eyes of those on the front lines of cancer care. Interviews with the best minds in the field to discuss the best in new ideas, research and the future of Radiation Oncology Technology. Join us as we chat with members of Medical Physics, Medical Dosimetry, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Oncology Industry, Physics Professors, Educational Program Directors and more!

With Host Traci Conley

Traci Conley

The voice of Out of the Gray with a background in Radiation Therapy and more than 17 years experience in the industry.



Episode 18 / Jason Dixon, COO cCARE — California Cancer Associates for Research & Excellence

A former Radiation Therapist, Jason Dixon joins us to share his story of how he found Radiation Therapy and how his passion for the field has led him around the country making big impacts for his patients! 

Episode 17 / Rebecca Moylan, Physics Specialist — ELEKTA

Rebecca Moylan comes on the show to share her experiences in clinical medical physics, and how those expereinces shaped her adventures into the corporate side of RadOnc with Elekta as a Physics Specialist! 

Episode 16 / Mark Yudilevich, Regional Sales Director- Gamma Tile

Mark Yudilevich joins us with a great deal of information about recent developments for Gamma Tile and shares his insights of the RadOnc world from non-clinical perspective. 

Episode 15 / Olivier Blasi — Medical Physicist with CAMP Physics, Colorado

Olivier Blasi PhD comes on the show from CAMP physics and discusses his experiences and visions for the future of Radiation Oncology as a field! 

Episode 14 / Niek Schreuder PhD, Chief Scientific Officer with LEO Cancer Care

President of LEO Cancer, Niek Schreuder PhD joins us with incredibly amazing news from LEO Cancer Care! We discuss amazing new innovations and chat about how LEO Cancer Care is changing the face of Radiation Oncology! 

Episode 13 / Jessica Fagerstrom PhD. – Northwest Medical Physics Consulting Group with Kaiser Permanente, Seattle, WA

Join us as Dr. Fagerstrom walks us through her experience working as a member of the Northwest Medical Physics Consulting Group and exciting new clinical programs implemented at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle. Also – we learn more about the extensive artistic youth outreach being conducted by Dr. Fargerstrom and her clinical team! 

Episode 12 / Michael Rutstein, Medical Physicist — Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, Columbia, MO

Michael Rutstein, Medical Physicist joins us to discuss the world of Radiation Oncology from his perspective, sharing insights about where the future of Rad Onc might be headed. 

Episode 11 / Lee Culp, Dosimetrist — Alyzen

Lee joins us to discuss how he came into Radiation Oncology as a second career and discusses his experiences in the clinic! 

Episode 10 / Medical Physicists Wendell Lutz and Chee-Wai Cheng

Giants in the field, Wendell Lutz PhD and Chee-Wai Cheng PhD make history in the first joint episode! Jam-packed with history, current events as well as a peek into the future. 

Episode 9 / Anil Sethi — Professor and Director of MR Guided Radiotherapy — Loyola Medicine, Chicago, IL

Anil Sethi PhD. Joins us to chat about current events, and what the future of Medical Physics / Radiation Oncology technology holds! 

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