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Automated Image Analysis

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Automated Image-Based QA

Automatically analyze uploaded image files and display the results in the assigned TG-142 schedule. This is an add-on feature to QA Pilot™.

Integrated Solution

Reduce number of external software applications needed to complete TG142 monthly and annual QA schedules. Quick DICOM file uploads to assigned QA templates are all that’s needed for automatic analysis and reporting of image-based tests.

Control Your Workflow

Create customized QA schedules and image-based tests through template management. Allows for fast standardization across sites and machines.

Vendor Neutral

Automated image analysis tests for IGRT, MLC QA and VMAT QA using the gold standard PIPSpro Phantom Set, linac manufacturer-provided phantoms and other common imaging phantoms are included.

Autopilot Webinar ASTRO

Oct 25th, 2021 / PIPSpro™ AutoPilot has Landed

Our brand new software feature allows for automated image analysis and eliminates tedious manual intervention. Join us on October 25 at 10:15 am CDT to learn about the PIPSpro™ AutoPilot option for QA Pilot — excellence in cloud-base QA management.
Qapilot laptop autopilot 1400

Nov 11th, 2021 / New for QA Pilot™: PIPSpro™ AutoPilot

Perform QA YOUR way! Optimize performance, streamline operations and customize QA in a standard platform: QA Pilot. Add our new automated image analysis feature — PIPSpro AutoPilot – for further efficiency gains. Join us to learn more!

QA Pilot™

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