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HLT Holmes Laser Tab HLT Holmes Laser Tab

Provides a simple solution for tracking external laser locations in your CT/SIM or Linac Vault.

HLT Holmes Laser Tab Overview

Key Features

  • Lasers shine brilliantly when aligned properly
  • Alignment can be verified from across the room
  • Easy semi-permanent installation with double-sided adhesive
  • Permanent installation with anchors and fasteners
  • Easily adjustable for recalibration, tool included

Product Details

  • Manufactured from highly-durable Delrin® Acetal Resin and features a mounting base with a an adjustable tab. The tab hosts a 0.5mm bright white laser indicator. When a laser is centered on the indicator within 1mm, the HLT indicator shines brilliantly and can be seen from across the room. If the laser is more than 1mm from the expected location, the laser will disappear into the surrounding black material, thus indicating a significant change has occurred.
  • Can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation, can be used in any vault where laser location is monitored, and can be used with any color or type of lasers. Recommendations of a minimum of four tabs to detect shifts of 1mm or more. Adding a second tab to each laser, for a total of eight tabs, is recommended when detection of deviations less than 1mm are desired.
  • Installation is fast and simple and can be performed using a double-sided adhesive strip or wall anchors, both of which are included with every HLT. In the event that a calibration or other desired change in the laser's nominal position is needed, the indicator tab can be adjusted up to 45mm (vertically or horizontally) without removing it from the wall base by loosening the set screw. Rotation of +/- 3.5˚ can be achieved when the HLT is attached to the wall using the included fasteners.

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