Most webinars have been approved by CAMPEP for 30 MPCEC minutes per webinar offered. Please review the details of the webinar being offered to see if CAMPEP credits can be earned.

October 2018

Mark Wiesmeyer, Ph.D., DABR LinacView - Integrated Monitoring QA
- Oct 9 | 9:00 am CDT
Product Manager Mark Wiesmeyer, Ph.D., DABR, presents an overview of our NEW software product LinacView.
Shannon Holmes, PhD Adaptivo - Automatic Patient Dosimetry Software
- Oct 16 | 9:00 am CDT
Adaptivo is the only software that provides a true picture of patient and dose at each stage of treatment.  It automatically tracks exit dose images, daily and cumulative 3D dose distributions, changes in patient anatomy, and more.  Plus, Adaptivo provides succinct metrics, graphs, and customized notifications. No phantom required.  Presented by Medical Physicist Shannon Holmes, Ph.D.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

LinacView - Integrated Monitoring QA Presented by Mark Wiesmeyer, Ph.D., DABR | 30.6 min
NEW! QA StereoChecker Presented by Regina Fulkerson, Ph.D. | 24.45 min
Adaptivo Patient Dosimetry Software Presented by Shannon Holmes, Ph.D. | 38.1 min
Reference Dosimetry Using DoseView 1D Presented by Rebekah Hansen | 10.38 min
Clinical Use of PIPSpro at a Multi Vendor Site Presented by Jeremy Donaghue, Ph.D. | 45.85 min
Evaluation of the Systematic Accuracy a Linac Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment Presented by Winston Wen, Ph.D., MBA | 33.43 min
QA Pilot - A New Way to View QA Presented by Regina Fulkerson, Ph.D | 25.52 min
Lucy 3D QA Phantom - Precision End-to-End Stereotactic QA Presented by Regina Fulkerson, Ph.D | 23.65 min
IMSure Software - Overview Presented by Shannon Holmes, Ph.D | 26.45 min
PIPSpro Software - Version 5.5 Presented by Mark Wiesmeyer, Ph.D, DABR | 37.88 min
QA BeamChecker Plus - Daily QA Made Simple Presented by Regina Fulkerson, Ph.D | 14.15 min
QA CrossChecker - Monthly QA Made Simple Presented by Regina Fulkerson, Ph.D | 21.33 min