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Upcoming Webinars

Aug 18th, 2022 / One Click Results

Get results in one click for easier, filmless CyberKnife Daily QA. Simplified and optimized for improved frequency and depth of your Stereotactic QA practice using the QA StereoChecker.

Aug 25th, 2022 / Every Beam. Every Fraction. Every Treatment.

Change the focus of your patient-specific QA with Adaptivo Software. Automated workflows ensures verification of delivered treatment is as planned.

Sep 8th, 2022 / An Easier Way for TG-142

More than 30 procedures and true leaf speed allows PIPSpro to make your TG-142 easier. Efficient analysis, trending, and reporting allows for quantifiable, repeatable results.


Aug 11th, 2022 / The Detector Everyone’s Talking About

Ideal for commissioning of SRS and SBRT techniques, the Exradin W2 Scintillator has a point dosimetry measurement down to 1x1mm. Measure your smallest fields accurately with this detector that’s completely invisible to the beam.
Doseview 3d

Aug 4th, 2022 / Uncomplicated Annual QA

Don’t re-learn your annual QA. Powerful hardware and software combination built for accuracy makes setup and scanning with the DoseView 3D water phantom easy and efficient. Intelligent scanning combined with comprehensive analysis allows you to achieve precise results every time.
IM Sure3 D 4 Cropped

Jul 28th, 2022 / IMSure 3D™ with Monte Carlo Accuracy

Get the first look at our brand-new software! An automated second check with Monte Carlo accuracy. Automated, time-saving workflow produces 3D dose calculations in minutes with reliable results regarding treatment plan quality.
Exradin main 1400

Jun 30th, 2022 / Small Field Challenges—Back by popular demand!

Small field dosimetry is complex and can feel overwhelmingly daunting. Don’t despair! Join Shannon Holmes, Ph.D., for an educational overview of small field challenges and the detectors that can help you overcome them.
Linacview laptop 1400

Jun 23rd, 2022 / Let Your Log Files do the Lifting

Software that does the heavy lifting for you with every fraction of every treatment monitored. Discover how the newest features of LinacView, including automatic RTPlan generation, automatic attachment of report with email alerts, and plan complexity testing allow for confidence in plan delivery.
Pipspro laptop 1400

Jun 16th, 2022 / Tackle TG-142

30+ TG-142 tests? Easily tackle these test protocols through optimized analysis, trending, and reporting using PIPSpro™ Software. Becoming compliant with TG-142 has never been easier.
Lucy lockplate

Jun 2nd, 2022 / End-to-End SRS Verification

When precision and accuracy matter most – use the Lucy 3D QA Phantom to scan, plan, treat, and verify cumulative uncertainties within 0.1 mm. Learn the advantages of using Lucy for true end-to-end stereotactic QA at our upcoming webinar.
Exradin main 1400

Apr 28th, 2022 / The High Definition Detector

SRS and SBRT require that the tightest treatment margins are delivered safely to your patients. With a point dosimetry measurement down to 1x1mm, the Exradin W2 Scintillator is the ideal detector because it’s invisible to the beam, water equivalent, and offers exceptional resolution.
Qa beamchecker plus thumb

Apr 21st, 2022 / A Therapist's Best Friend

Save time, create efficiencies, and get accurate results using the QA BeamChecker Plus. The beam starts and finishes your measurements with auto reset and the device provides instant results. Make your daily QA easier with a thought-free routine.
Adaptivo laptop 1400

Apr 14th, 2022 / In Vivo QA

Monitor and evaluate the quality of treatment plan delivery with automated patient dosimetry software. Verify correct patient alignment and isolate issues to drive corrective actions using Adaptivo software.

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