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Alignment without the hassle.

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Convert the CyberKnife laser beam into a laser reticle.

The CyberKnife® System is not equipped with a crosshair marker. The CyberCross™ resolves setup issues quickly and easily for physicists using QA devices that rely on crosshair markings for alignment to isocenter.

Fill the Void

Provide a means to accurately position QA equipment in the direct primary beam.

Lock in Offset

Commission and verify the InCise™ MLC system by easily setting and locking the crosshair lens at the required offset.


Align phantoms for QA tests by installing and using the device on the Fixed, Iris or InCise™ MLC collimator housings.

Specifically Calibrated

Ensure the device is ready for your specific CyberKnife® machine anytime a crosshair marker is needed.
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Apr 27th, 2021 / CyberCross: When A Laser Point Just Isn’t Enough


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