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MR Compatible Solutions

Solutions that are MR compatible for your QA needs. MR compatible Quality Assurance solutions designed for safety and effectiveness, when used with Elekta® Unity® or ViewRay® MRIdian® MR Linac treatment systems.


Centralized management for your QA.
Qa pilot on screen

QA Pilot™

A new way to view QA

Powerful QA management with centralized, cloud-based data for easy management of TG-142 reporting. QA Pilot™
Linac View


Proactive Plan Delivery QA

Feel confident in plan delivery performance with immediate alerts and a powerful analysis performed within seconds of delivery. Plan QA for all Varian and Elekta LINACs including Unity and Halcyon™. LinacView™


Highly accurate, reference-grade measurements, combined with a host of advanced features.
Supermax main 1400


The Next Generation Electrometer

Provides reference-grade measurements and is combined with a revolutionary touchscreen interface. SuperMAX™ Electrometer
Max4000 main 1400

MAX 4000 Plus

Powerful Data Management

Versatile, reference-grade tool ideal for a spectrum of radiation therapy applications. MAX 4000 Plus Electrometer


Multi-purpose phantoms for exceptional QA.
Lucy lockplate

LUCY® 3D QA Phantom

End-To-End Stereotactic QA

Unrivaled 0.1 mm accuracy minimizes errors at each link in the stereotactic QA chain. Additional inserts and accessories available. LUCY® 3D QA Phantom
Virtual Water

Virtual Water Phantoms

Ranging from size 30 x 30 x 0.1cm to 30 x 30 x 6cm.
Pro MRI v1

Pro MRI Dose Phantom

Commission an MR unit by AAPM and IPEM

Tests all the geometric, resolution, contrast, and mechanical parameters. *This is a resale item.

CNMC Water Phantom with Depth Positioning Assembly

Models WP-3040 and WP-3840

Water phantoms with convenient manual ion chamber depth positioning. *These are resale items.

Delta4 Phantom+ MR

Fully Compatible with all MR-linacs

Only system that truly measures dose distribution in the isocentric region. *This is a resale item.

Exradin® Ion Chambers

A global reputation for excellence with better components, unmatched durability, and superior stability. Chambers below are fully compatible with all MR-linacs.

Exradin® A1SLMR Ion Chamber

Provides a perfect balance between fast scanning and point-dose measurements within 1 cm in water, air, or phantom materials. Exradin® Ion Chambers

Exradin® A12MR Ion Chamber

Fastest settling time and a removable stem for superior absolute dosimetry calibrations in water, air, or phantoms. Exradin® Ion Chambers

Exradin® A19MR Ion Chamber

Limits perturbation and minimizing settling time in absolute dosimetry calibration. Exradin® Ion Chambers

Exradin® A28MR Ion Chamber

Omni-directional spatial resolution for relative dosimetry scanning in water phantoms. Exradin® Ion Chambers

Exradin® W1 Scintillator

A kQ of 1.000, making the W1 an ideal detector for SRS. Water equivalent, energy independent, and temperature independent. Exradin® W2 Scintillator

Dosimetry Inserts

Drilled by request. Dosimetry Insert for Model A26, A28, 1x1 and 1x3 scintillators.

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Jennifer Beckford, BS RT(T)

Jennifer Beckford, BS RT(T)

Strategic Accounts Manager

Additional services offered: calibration, accessories, additional licensing, extended warranty, cables, plugs, scribe lines, and setup, training, and travel.