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Standard Imaging expands its global operations by acquiring Virtual Water ™ from Med-Cal, Inc.

Posted: Dec 16th, 2022
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Middleton, WI- Standard Imaging, leading manufacturer of quality assurance solutions in radiation therapy, announces they’ve acquired Med-Cal, Inc. and the prestigious Virtual Water™ line of products.

Standard Imaging is bringing operations of manufacturing, design, and commercialization of Virtual Water™ tissue equivalent materials, and dosimetry phantoms in house.

“We’re further expanding our manufacturing capabilities, adding the production of water equivalent and tissue equivalent materials to our product profile,” said Eric DeWerd, President of Standard Imaging. “Standard Imaging has long offered Virtual Water in its portfolio and now benefits from additional synergies to better serve our customers.”

Virtual Water is used as the ideal alternative to traditional water tanks for performing routine QA checks of a linear accelerator using photon or electron beams. Additionally, phantoms made of Virtual Water and other tissue equivalent materials are used in radiation therapy and medical imaging markets.

Med-Cal, Inc., headquartered in Wisconsin, has had a longstanding relationship with Standard Imaging spanning more than 15 years. Founded in 1995, Med-Cal pioneered the advanced development of tissue equivalents and established Virtual Water as the standard of the industry. The Virtual Water material has been successfully designed to specifically meet customer needs and is customizable in wide variety of shapes and sizes.

About Virtual Water

Virtual Water materials are designed to address the range of therapeutic energies used in radiation oncology energies and atomic composition. The Virtual Water materials are tested and calibrated to meet universal standards of water-equivalency for photon and electron energies.

The materials are carefully manufactured to be free of contaminants, air, and non-uniformities. The unique material is exceptionally strong and will not stick together when stacked or stored. It's not affected by changes in humidity or temperature and does not exhibit charge storage effects, a problem common in other water-equivalent materials.

About Standard Imaging

Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of QA instruments for radiation-based treatments that improves patient safety and cancer treatments. Grounded in reliability and trust, they've dedicated more than 30 years to developing solutions that save you time, while maintaining accurate and precise results with unmatched support along the way. It’s your time. Be precise. For more information, contact us here!

Virtual Water® Phantom

An ideal alternative to traditional water phantoms for performing routine QA checks of a linear accelerator.
Virtual water stack 1400 transparent

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