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Standard Imaging Introduces LUCY™ ThorX Phantom for Comprehensive Radiotherapy Evaluation

Posted: Apr 25th, 2024
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Standard Imaging, a leader in medical equipment innovation, announces the release of the LUCYThorX Phantom for SBRT End-to-End QA. This solution empowers teams to evaluate their entire radiotherapy treatment process with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Designed to meet the rigorous standards set forth by IAEA TRS 430, TECDOC-1583, AAPM Task Groups and MPPG guidelines, the LUCY ThorX provides comprehensive evaluation across simulation, treatment planning, imaging, and delivery QA processes. The LUCY ThorX comprises of four primary sections which contain embedded fiducials and objects that are simple to use for imaging QA. For SBRT QA, the LUCY ThorX has two film inserts and it also accepts a variety of detectors using interchangeable plugs.

"We are excited to introduce the LUCY ThorX to the market," says Eric DeWerd, MBA, Standard Imaging President. "This solution addresses the evolving needs of radiotherapy professionals, offering comprehensive evaluation across all stages of the treatment process."

With its pseudo-anthropomorphic anatomy featuring ribs, vertebrae, spinal cord, lung, and kidney components, the LUCY ThorX ensures realistic simulation scenarios for precise dose verification. Measure dose using ion chambers and film with four detector cavities and targets for Multiple Met SBRT QA.

“Physicists want to improve efficiency and reduce the number of phantoms they are using for routine QA,” said Umar Baharom, Standard Imaging Product Manager and Senior Engineer. “The LUCY ThorX is a unique all-in-one phantom to perform key QA tasks for both CT simulator and linac from image quality monitoring to more complex periodic SBRT QA”

Discover LUCY ThorX Features:

  • Pseudo-anthropomorphic thorax shape with lung, ribs, vertebrae, and spinal cord structures. 
  • SBRT QA - Dose and Targeting Accuracy with small field detector and film for high dose gradient regions near organs at risk. 
  • Multiple-Met QA with four ion chamber cavities including solid plugs with embedded targets. 
  • SGRT QA compatible for integrating surface tracking systems with dosimetric verification. 
  • TG-53 – Target and margin volume verification. 
  • TG-66 – Laser, Couch, Gantry Tilt and Imaging QA for CT Simulator. 
  • TG-142 – Imaging, Mechanical and Dosimetry QA for linac.
  • Unique and intuitive DICOM orientation verification (DOVe) markers.

Additional information about the LUCY ThorX Phantom here. Join our webinar on 5/16 at 10 AM CDT to get more information on our new phantom and how it can enhance treatment accuracy, and ultimately, help you deliver superior care to patients undergoing SBRT treatments. Register Here!

About Standard Imaging

Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of QA instruments for radiation-based treatments. We’ve dedicated more than 30 years to developing solutions that save you time, while maintaining accurate and precise results. It’s your time. Be precise. For more information, contact us here!


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