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Standard Imaging launches StructSure, AI QA: Intelligent AI Autosegmentation QA

Posted: Oct 29th, 2021
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MIDDLETON, WI-Standard Imaging, Inc., launches new autosegmentation product, StructSure, AI QA. This product is the first QA software for the contouring of structures. It allows for the evaluation of sophisticated auto-contouring engines and improvement of auto-contouring consistency.

“This software breaks ground for AI-based autosegmentation,” said Eric DeWerd, President of Standard Imaging. “It is an unparalleled contouring QA tool that drives out variation to prove accuracy.”

StructSure, AI QA is a scientific, comprehensive, and efficient QA tool. Features:

  • Evaluate Auto-Contouring Tools: Quantitatively compare each auto-contouring system’s ability to reproduce delineated structures.
  • Improve Contouring Consistency: Quickly analyze pairs of datasets to train personnel. Customizable success metrics ensure that contours for your treatment plan exceed your specific standards.
  • Unparalleled Contouring QA: Import pairs of DICOM RT structure datasets and evaluate them qualitatively and quantitatively in a matter of seconds.

“Whether our customers are evaluating a new auto-seg engine to buy, performing auto-seg acceptance testing, or performing regression testing on auto-seg engine updates, StructSure, AI QA can give them the confidence they need in the world of AI,” said Jeff Manion, Program Director.

Learn more about StructSure, AI QA or watch our webinar recordings for a closer look at the software.

Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of QA instruments for radiation-based treatments. We’ve dedicated more than 30 years to developing solutions that save you time, while maintaining accurate and precise results. It’s your time. Be precise. For more information, contact us here!

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Sep 23rd, 2021 / Leverage AI Autosegmentation for QA

Evaluate auto-contouring tools, perform commissioning and acceptance testing, and continually compare auto-seg updates with StructSure, AI QA. Join us September 23rd at 10:00 am CST to learn more.

StructSure, AI QA

Get more details about our intelligent AI autosegmentation QA software.

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