StructSure Software

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.

Intelligent Autosegmentation QA


AI / deep learning autosegmentation technologies are emerging and promising. Widespread implementation is imminent.

Just like you'd commission a dose calc algorithm, you will also need to commission your autoseg model(s). StructSure provides easy, comprehensive, and even automated (via batch analyses) verification of your autoseg technology vs. your own standards and expectations.

You can also use StructSure not only to commission your models, but also to choose which ones to buy! That is, you can request from your competing vendors to have a trial license and use StructSure as the objective, quantitative "referee" to help you choose the models that give you the most accurate output.

Using StructSure also gives you quantitative feedback about how autoseg models improve over time, i.e., a rapid validation of each new version released by the vendor.

Determine which organs per model can be approved for use based on your acceptance standards and which are not quite accurate enough, so you can get started with a model with confidence.

StructSure low cost and can even be paid for "as needed" via SaaS pricing.

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Intelligent Autosegmentation QA


Full 3D analysis of high-resolution volumes derived from the axial contours

Run in comprehensive drill-down mode for any autoseg vs. standard structure set pair with visualization of differences, calculation of scores and stats, and generation of PDF reports

Run in automated, batch mode to calculate results for any number of pairs of structure sets

"Difference vector" based analyses finds all extra, missing, and common voxels, and the difference vector to each, binning them into Distance-Volume Histograms as well as tracking statistics such as max distance to agreement in each orthogonal dimension

Patented StructSure scoring is very sensitive at finding important errors and yields a simple one-number score that captures your custom-designed scoring rules

Custom scoring allows you to define forgiveness distances as well as bi-directional (i.e., missing and extra voxels) functions of scoring penalty vs. error distance

StructSure is the scientific, comprehensive, and efficient tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autoseg.

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Scientific. Comprehensive. Efficient.

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.

Evaluate Auto-Contouring Tools

If purchasing an auto-contouring system, use StructSure QA Software to quantitatively compare each tools’ ability to reproduce delineated structures. If you already own an auto-contouring system, use StructSure to commission the system and determine where the tool excels and which contours require manual intervention.

Improve Contouring Consistency

Quickly analyze pairs of datasets to train personnel or evaluate the abilities of a new staff member. Customizable success metrics ensure that contours for your treatment plan exceed your specific standards.

Unparalleled Contouring QA

Import pairs of DICOM RT structure datasets and evaluate them qualitatively and quantitatively in a matter of seconds. Generate 3D volumes of critical structures and delineation errors.
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