StructSure, AI QA

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.

Who should be interested in StructSure?


Clinics implementing or testing autosegmentation solutions.


Physicians keen on contouring accuracy and driving out variation.


Administrators who want to make wise purchases and mitigate risks.

StructSure, AI QA Introduction

What is StructSure in a nutshell?


A fast, intuitive application that allows users to objectively compare anatomical contours – generated by algorithms or humans – to a library of standards. Comprehensive comparison metrics are both sensitive and specific. Batch analysis allows you to calculate hundreds of datasets and thousands of structures in minutes.


Drill-down mode allows you to investigate failing cases visually and objectively.


Produce reports to put on file as you test new models or versions and/or as you assess your staff’s contouring skills.

Intelligent Autosegmentation QA


Ensure safety and accuracy. AI / deep learning autosegmentation technologies are emerging and promising. Widespread implementation is imminent. Verifying the accuracy of autosegmentation in an objective and rigorous manner is paramount.

Make data-driven purchasing decisions. Use StructSure to generate accuracy data to see how well different algorithms reproduce the standard of contouring quality that you expect. Request from the competing vendors to have a trial license of their autosegmentation solutions, select your own datasets and standards against which to compare, then use StructSure as the objective "referee" to help you determine which products give you the expected output.

Implement an efficient and reproducible validation process. Just like you must validate and commission dose calculation algorithms, you will also need to validate and commission your autosegmentation model(s). You will need to do this not only initially, but also as the models evolve and new models are added (i.e., for different body sites and imaging modalities). The StructSure process is efficient, comprehensive, and can be automated and reproduced via batch analyses.

Communicate better with your autosegmentation vendor(s). For any body sites, models, or anatomical structures that do not pass your validation, or that need improvement, StructSure produces a wealth of data about the errors and differences vs. expected results. These objective measures can be shared with your autosegmentation vendor(s) to ensure clear, but comprehensive, communication and to avoid debates based on subjective observations.

Low cost. StructSure is low cost and can even be paid for on an "as needed" basis via SaaS pricing.

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Intelligent Autosegmentation QA


Full 3D analysis of high-resolution volumes derived from the axial contours.

Run in comprehensive drill-down mode for any autoseg vs. standard structure set pair with visualization of differences, calculation of scores and stats, and generation of PDF reports.

Run in automated, batch mode to calculate results for any number of pairs of structure sets.

"Difference vector" based analyses finds all extra, missing, and common voxels, and the difference vector to each, binning them into Distance-Volume Histograms as well as tracking statistics such as max distance to agreement in each orthogonal dimension.

Patented StructSure scoring is very sensitive at finding important errors and yields a simple one-number score that captures your custom-designed scoring rules.

Custom scoring allows you to define forgiveness distances as well as bi-directional (i.e., missing and extra voxels) functions of scoring penalty vs. error distance.

StructSure is the scientific, comprehensive, and efficient tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autoseg.

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Scientific. Comprehensive. Efficient.

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.

Evaluate Auto-Contouring Tools

If purchasing an auto-contouring system, use StructSure QA Software to quantitatively compare each tools’ ability to reproduce delineated structures. If you already own an auto-contouring system, use StructSure to commission the system and determine where the tool excels and which contours require manual intervention.

Improve Contouring Consistency

Quickly analyze pairs of datasets to train personnel or evaluate the abilities of a new staff member. Customizable success metrics ensure that contours for your treatment plan exceed your specific standards.

Unparalleled Contouring QA

Import pairs of DICOM RT structure datasets and evaluate them qualitatively and quantitatively in a matter of seconds. Generate 3D volumes of critical structures and delineation errors.
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