LUCY MR MR-Guided SRS QA Phantom

Anthropomorphic head phantom for realistic end-to-end SRS QA.

First of Its Kind

SRS QA Phantom that provides Fully-Anthropomorphic, High-Definition imaging capability for IGRT QA with MR, CT, kV and MV modalities.

End-to-End System Testing

The anthropomorphic features include skull, brain, vertebrae, sinus cavities, cortical and trabecular bone structure, larynx, trachea, and oral cavities.


Cast from new proprietary materials, the entirety of Lucy-HD's soft tissue anatomy is MR-Visible, providing truly comprehensive End-To-End SRS QA across MR-Guided and MR-Simulation systems.

SRS QA Commissioning

Confirm accurate setup and function of SRS planning and delivery systems with MR-Guided capability.

TG-101 and TG-135

Supports multiple AAPM TG SRS testing protocols through:

  • Complete End-To-End Tests
  • Winston-Lutz test
  • Isocentric Verification
  • Bony Anatomy Localization
  • Laser Alignment
  • Localization / Repositioning with Couch Shifts
  • Patient Orientation / Image Transfer QA
  • IGRT QA for MR, X-Ray and On-board kV and MV images, including CBCT
  • OSMS or SGRT Optical System Positioning QA
  • MR/CT Image Fusion Multiple Met Dosimetry
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