ISOHex Check Daily IGRT + 6DOF + Winston-Lutz QA

Provides fast and simple Daily 6DOF QA and Multiple Met Winston-Lutz QA.

Multiple Met SRS QA


Simplicity and ergonomics at the heart of the design for providing fast and easy QA.

Verification Made Easy

IGRT, Linac and 6DOF couchtop systems to quickly be verified on a daily basis.

Daily Done Right

Daily 6DOF QA, Daily Winston-Lutz, Daily kV, MV, CBCT Isocenter, Automated Analysis for Daily IGRT & Winston-Lutz

Verification in Less Than 7 Minutes

Implements an efficient workflow allowing the IGRT, Linac and 6DOF couchtop systems to be verified on a daily basis in just under 7 minutes.

IMT ISO Hex Check 2

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ISOHex Check

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