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ISOHex Check Daily IGRT + 6DOF + Winston-Lutz QA

Provides fast and simple Daily 6DOF QA and Multiple Met Winston-Lutz QA.

ISOHex Check part of complete solution for: Monthly QA

ISOHex Check Overview

Multiple Met SRS QA

  • Simplicity and ergonomics at the heart of the design for providing fast and easy QA.
  • IGRT, Linac and 6DOF couchtop systems to quickly be verified on a daily basis.
  • Daily 6DOF QA, Daily Winston-Lutz, Daily kV, MV, CBCT Isocenter, Automated Analysis for Daily IGRT & Winston-Lutz.
  • Implements an efficient workflow allowing the IGRT, Linac and 6DOF couchtop systems to be verified on a daily basis in just under 7 minutes.

Key Features

  • Multiple Met SRS QA (6 Targets)
  • Daily 6DOF QA
  • Daily Winston-Lutz
  • Daily kV, MV, CBCT Isocenter
  • Automated Analysis for Daily IGRT & Winston-Lutz
  • Data Trending
  • Therapist-Friendly
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Locates on couch index bar
    for reproducible orthogonal setup


Tech Notes

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