RAy Film Dosimetry Software Powerful, Easy to Use

RAy Software provides analyses necessary for detailed IMRT QA, patient-specific CyberKnife QA, and other frequent QA tasks.

Film/Plan Analysis

3D Multi-Slice Volumetric

Import all available slices of the treatment plan, or select as many as needed to perform plan validation. Change from one slice to the next with one click of a button.

Ray feature1 1400

Film/Plan Analysis

3D Rendered Volumetric

Import the 3D dose matrix from the treatment planning system and compare directly to 3D measured data acquired with a stacked film set.

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Film-Based QA, Simplified

Measured DVH/Planned DVH Comparison

Using 3D volumetric information perform a comprehensive quantitative analysis by generating and comparing measured DVH vs. planned DVH.

Cyber-Knife Patient-Specific QA

Compare both 2D or 3D film measurements to Cyberknife planning data. Cyberknife specific tools allow for fast registration based on tracking fiducials.

More Meaningful Analysis

Add another dimension to your analysis by overlaying qualitative threshold isodose lines over quantitative information such as gamma, distance-to-agreement, percent dose difference, or DTA + % Dose Difference maps. *RAy Film Dosimetry Software is for sale only in the US.

Introduction to RAy™ Film Dosimetry Software

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RAy™ Film Dosimetry Software

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