DOVe DICOM Orientation Verification Phantom

Not all DICOM systems are created equal.

Importing and exporting images across multiple platforms can produce image mismatches that are difficult to detect.

TG-53 & TG-201

Even though the Radiation Oncology and Imaging Industries have attempted to standardize DICOM transfer of patient data throughout the export and import processes, the potential for the data to be mirrored/flipped still exists. Use this phantom to easily address this error.

Detect with Confidence

Verifies whether or not undesired image mirroring or flipping has occurred.

Two Distinct Patient Features

Head and Feet - engraved on opposite sides.

Constructed of durable urethane. These two features depict head first or feet first patient orientation. Additionally, both images denote either supine or prone patient setup. Complementing each of these two distinct patient orientations are engraved markings which indicate decubitus left or decubitus right.

Dove 2huge 1532656833

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