GrID MRI Geometric Distortion Phantom

Assess MR image distortion in all three axes to identify geometric inaccuracies.

Designed for Accuracy

MR Image Distortion assessment to verify image distortion in 6 axes and identify hardware- or reconstruction-related geometric inaccuracies.

3D Volume

Comprised of 9 Image Planes with 4,689 individual Spherical Fiducials utilizing the maximum Scan Plane Field of View.

Maximum Scan Plane Field of View

Solid Acrylic Construction that can be scanned in Axial, Saggital, and Coronal orientations.

MR Distortion QA

  • MR Image Distortion
  • 6 Axis Verification
  • Largest Bore Size
  • Axial, Sagittal, Coronal Orientations
  • On-Site Installation Included
IMT G Ri D 1
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