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Adaptivo Dashboard

The Overview

Adaptivo completes plan delivery verification and gathers patient data on its own, so physics time can be spent investigating issues when they arise. The interface has been designed in close collaboration with clinical centers to meet the clinical need for daily patient treatment monitoring and assessment, and it all starts at the dashboard.


Dashboard Flags

Green Fraction Square
All beams passed gamma analysis of exit image.
Yellow Fraction Square
One or more beams were in the warning region.
Red Fraction Square
One or more beams were in the alert region.
Grey shading around a square indicates that the analysis was performed using an average of several delivered fractions.
Measured exit dose is compared with a predicted exit image, to ensure correct — not just consistent — delivery.

Adaptivo Dashboard - Flags

Plan Flags
DVH analysis of the planned dose distribution informs you of planned doses that are outside recommended tolerances.
Cumulative Flags
Cumulative dose tracking provides advance warning flags to indicate that doses are trending toward out of tolerance values.
Daily Flags
3D dose calculation on the CBCT supports informed decisions for patient treatment alterations.

The Drill Down

Adaptivo - Visualized Data Adaptivo - Interactive DVH Adaptivo - 3D Dose

Visualized Data
Gamma overlays for each beam make problems easy to spot.
Interactive DVH
Filter regions of interest to isolate specific dose values.
3D Dose
3D viewer can display any slice, any orientation.

3 Tasks, One Product

Adaptivo - Pre-Treatment Adaptivo - In-Vivo Adaptivo - Adaptive

Adaptivo verifies IMRT, VMAT and stereotactic plan delivery without the use of phantoms or additional detectors. The software automatically communicates directly with the R&V system, and will compare measured results to the predicted image. Warnings and flags are displayed on the dashboard with details available for every beam.
The In-Vivo & Adaptive modules are separate but complimentary. In-Vivo provides daily exit dose monitoring to ensure that you capture independent information about the daily treatment delivery, including patient position information.
The Adaptive module provides 3D dose calculation on the CBCT, even if exit doses weren't collected for some fields. Information supplied by the adaptive module helps support informed decisions, and provides a reality focused perspective on patient treatment progress.

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