How It Works

Check Every Fraction of Every Treatment
Use logfiles from Varian and Elekta LINACs to check every aspect of machine performance against prescription RT Plans.

LinacView basics

Principles of Operation

LinacView has algorithms that compare machine logfiles to DICOM RT Plans. When you approve a new plan, you send its RT Plan to a folder that is accessible to LinacView. As logfiles are created, they are automatically sent from your treatment machines to another folder by a service. LinacView watches both folders and matches logfiles to RT Plans for analysis.

LinacView in Action

Logfile Analysis for Every Patient

With LinacView you can literally analyze any aspect of RT Plan prescriptions as they are executed by your treatment machines…every treatment, every beam, with no impact on workflow. Additionally, because machine performance is trended, you may be able to anticipate when maintenance will be required before it is critical.

Capture the Details of Treatment

Deviations between planned and treated positions are analyzed and summarized for each patient indicating root cause machine performance issues. Temporal evolution of the leaf positions and percentage of Monitor Units delivered can be evaluated. Gantry angle and fluence map gamma index comparisons between planned and delivered can also be evaluated.

Modulation Complexity Score

Modulation Complexity Score

Modulation complexity scores are calculated using a combination of field shapes for a beam. Higher complexity typically indicates that a beam may be more difficult to deliver than a beam with a lower complexity score.

Modulation complexity scores can answer these questions:

  • Why might my pretreatment QA have failed?
  • Is this plan more complicated than average?
  • Among several plans, which plan is simplest?

Summary RT Plans

Summary RT Plans

LinacView creates summary RT Plans from "composite" logfile data. This can be useful at the end of treatment or during treatment if a delivery error occurs. These new RT Plans can be reimported into your treatment planning system where dose can be recalculated using the same algorithm as was used to create the plan. Your physician can then compare results in a familiar environment.

Record, Track & Trend, and Create Reports

Analysis results are saved in a database that can be queried at a later time to check machine performance for a particular treatment or to trend general machine performance over time. At any time, reports can be created that show that your patients were treated according to plan.

Treat with Complete Confidence

LinacView shows the impact of machine performance on patient treatments before the first fraction and even during treatment at a fraction of the cost of competing software.

Product Comparison
Standard Imaging
Mobius Fraction Lab
Mobius Medical
Mobius 3D/FX
Mobius Medical
Per Fraction 3D
Sun Nuclear
Pre-Treatment QA Yes No Yes Yes
During-Treatment QA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Results Yes No No Yes
All Fractions Analyzed Yes No Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes No Yes Yes
Patient-Oriented Yes No Yes Yes
Summary RT Plans Yes No No No