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Exradin® W2 Scintillator System

Unlike other detector types, the water equivalent W2 scintillator does not perturb small field dose distributions when it is placed in the beam, so you can measure small fields with greater accuracy.

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Exradin® W2 Scintillator System Overview

  • AAPM/IAEA TRS 483 states the scintillator is the only detector with a kQ of 1.000, making the W2 the ideal SRS detector.
  • All corrections are built in.
  • Water equivalent.
  • Inherently waterproof.
  • Can be used for both water scanning and point dosimetry.
  • User replaceable fiber, includes both 1x1 mm and 1x3 mm.
  • No dose rate, temperature, or energy dependencies.
  • The W2 system features Čerenkov corrected measurement signals that can be converted to a proportional analog output, which can be read by any electrometer. This allows the W2 system to be connected to a water phantom system for scanning.


  • Scintillating fiber
    1.0 mm diameter x 3.0 mm long
  • Scintillator housing
    2.8 mm diameter x 42 mm long
  • Optical fiber
    1.0 mm diameter core x 2.2 mm diameter jacket x 4 m long


  • Scintillating fiber
    Polystyrene with fluorescent dopants
  • Optical fiber
    Acrylic (PMMA) with Polyethylene jacket
  • Scintillator enclosure
    Epoxy potted within an ABS plastic tip and polyimide stem
  • Optical connector
  • Optical fiber minimum bend radius
    6 cm
  • Scintillating fiber physical density
    1.05 g/cm³
  • Radiation degradation
    ~ 2% / kGy




    5588 0336

    Sep 2nd, 2021 / Tools for Small Fields

    Small field measurements remain a daunting challenge for many physicists. Join us on September 2nd at 10:00am CDT to learn about the array of solutions we offer to help you meet and conquer this unique challenge.
    Index Exradin W2

    Jul 26th, 2021 / Small Field Measurement with MR compatibility

    New! Your favorite water equivalent detector just got better! Now available in a configuration designed for use with MR-linacs, the Exradin W2MR Scintillator easily handles tight treatment fields. Part of our AAPM webinar series.
    Exradin w2 max sd 1400

    Jun 24th, 2021 / Measurement Without Perturbation

    You’ve never been able to accurately measure fields this small. Learn about the ideal detector for the commissioning of SRS and SBRT techniques.
    052021 Webinar Graphic

    May 20th, 2021 / When Millimeters Matter Most

    Precision is vital when commissioning SRS and SBRT. Ensure that the tightest treatment margins are delivered safely to your patients with the ideal detector for small field measurement.
    Exradin041521 webinar Website

    Apr 15th, 2021 / Scanning Small Fields

    Tight treatment fields are no problem for the Exradin W2 Scintillator that has a resolution down to 1x1mm.
    Exradin031821 webinar FRENCH roy edit

    Mar 18th, 2021 / Le détecteur pour mini-faisceau qui suscite toute l’attention

    Pour la dosimétrie ponctuelle des mini-faisceaux jusqu'à 1x1 mm², ce détecteur est discret dans le faisceau, équivalent eau, et offre une résolution exceptionnelle.
    10 23 Small Field Dos

    Oct 23rd, 2020 / Small Field Measurement

    Our Micro Ion Chambers and Scintillators allow you to measure small fields like never before.
    011421 Webinar DV1 D Web

    Jan 14th, 2021 / Time-Saving Accuracy

    Accuracy doesn’t have to be time consuming. Easily acquire depth-dose and point measurements and automate 1D scanning routines with DoseView 1D.
    Small Fields

    Nov 23rd, 2020 / Overcoming the Small Field Challenge

    Measure small fields like never before with our Micro Ion Chambers and Scintillators. Overcome the challenges of small field dosimetry and learn the advantages Exradin detectors offer for these measurements.
    012121 Webinar W2 Web

    Jan 21st, 2021 / Small Field Scanning

    Ensure the tightest treatment margins are delivered safely to your patients. With a resolution down to 1x1mm, this detector is invisible to the beam, water equivalent, and offers exceptional resolution.
    10 28 smallfield

    Oct 28th, 2020 / Measuring Small Fields: Exradin W2 Scintillator

    You’ve never been able to accurately measure fields this small, with point dosimetry measurement down to 1x1mm.

    Apr 2nd, 2020 / Clinical Utilization of Exradin W2 Scintillator

    Overcome dependencies present in conventional detectors by using the W2 detector to measure small fields accurately and without disruption. With a point dosimetry measurement down to 1x1mm, this detector is invisible to the beam, water equivalent, and offers exceptional resolution. Presented by Jesse McKay, MS DABR.

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