Proactive Machine QA, in a Reactive World

Effortless machine Quality Assurance for every fraction of every treatment

Passively monitor all of your treatment machines for plan delivery accuracy

Automatically receive audible alerts, emails or text messages, when clinically-relevant events occur.

Effortlessly monitor:

  • Logfiles
  • Carriages, Jaws, Leaves
  • Table Positions
  • Monitor Unit Rate
  • Gantry and Collimator Angles
  • Beam Off Lags
  • Delivered Fluence

Combine LinacView with Adaptivo for a Complete View of Treatment Delivery

LinacView checks that machine performance is exactly as prescribed in your approved treatment plan.

Adaptivo estimates dose to targets and organs at risk, catches patient set up errors, and brings reliable new insights to your understanding of delivered dose.

Together LinacView and Adaptivo create a complete view of treatment delivery.

Features & Benefits

Two Levels of Plan Delivery QA

  • Patient, clinically relevant
  • General, machine performance

Immediate Clinical Event Notification

  • Audible alarm in central location
  • Emails or texts to physics staff

Powerful Analysis Tools

  • Visualize and trend treatment parameters
  • Predict future machine failures

Plus, LinacView is inexpensive, will work with your current network, and requires no special computing hardware!

How It Works


Real-Time QA During Treatment

LinacView instantly and automatically checks machine performance as treatments occur. When clinically-relevant events occur, your staff is notified by a general, centrally-located audible alert and targeted emails or text messages to your physics staff. All results are automatically appended to your patient's treatment record for later analysis that may allow you to predict future machine maintenance needs.

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Linacview Hiw Realtime

Analysis Tools That You Want

  • Visualize, track, and trend results.
  • Calculate error indices (Gamma, Chi, and Delta) that compare planned and delivered fluence.
  • Compare initial fluences and indices to those delivered during any treatment fraction.
  • Play movies of leaf motions and error indices to show when errors occur and the time evolution of error indices over time.
  • Create “Summary RT Plans” can be that can be imported back into your treatment planning system for an “apples to apples” comparison of prescribed and delivered dose.
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Linacview Hiw Analysistools

Improved IMRT/VMAT Pre-Treatment QA

Just load your RT Plan and deliver your beams as you would with standard hardware-based pre-treatment QA solutions. Comprehensive treatment delivery analysis that exceeds what is possible with hardware-based solutions is done instantly and automatically, becoming a part of your patient's treatment record.

Modulation complexity scores help you compare competing plans and may give insight into plans whose delivery may be problematic.

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Linacview Hiw Pretreat


LinacViewTM Software
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Windows 8.1 Professional
Windows 7 Professional
64-bits Recommended
Processor 4-core, 2GHz
i5 Core Recommended
Memory 2 Gb, 3 Gb Recommended
Screen Resolution 1280 x 800
1440 x 900 Recommended
Internet Access Required
Java JRE 1.6.3_43 or later
Storage Requirements Assuming 15 to 30 IMRT treatments per day are 15 – 180 Mb/Day
Compatibility LinacView is compatible with Varian and Elekta machines.

LinacView is a great tool to indicate systematic errors, especially when the MLC or jaw position did not align well for several patients. I was able to use this tool to communicate with field service engineers and make a correction for our Linac.  I am pleased with the performance of LinacView. 

Yu-Wen Chang, Ph.D. Medical Physicist Bellin Health, Radiation Oncology Department, Green Bay, WI USA

We routinely rely on LinacView in our medical physics department to follow-up and record the correct application of each treatment with every patient. In addition to patient QA, we also depend on LinacView to verify machine QA. Evaluating the logfiles with this software ensures us that the linac is operating correctly and that the data transfer to the linac has functioned properly. LinacView provides substantial benefits in terms of patient care, as deviations from planned treatment can be rapidly detected by means of this valuable cross-check.

Lutz Ludemann, Ph.D. Medical Physicist University Hospital, Essen, Germany

LinacView is a powerful and versatile tool for logfile analysis. We use the results produced by this software for various applications such as: daily checking of a reference VMAT arc performed on each of our LINACs (for example, to detect when either gantry chain adjustment or leaf motor replacement is required), to investigate a diminished performance in our pre-treatment patient QA, to monitor LINAC performance during each fraction delivered to every one of our patients, to compare, in terms of DVH, the planned treatment and the "delivered" treatment recalculated on our TPS with an RT-plan file exported from LinacView which contains all log file data. For the last use mentioned, we greatly appreciate carrying out these comparisons on our TPS rather than on another TPS. Moreover, I believe that LinacView is a tool which fosters cooperation between manufacturers, medical physics and biomedical engineering departments.

Christophe Legrand, MD Medical Physicist Integrated Center for Oncology, Angers, France


LinacView Introduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LinacView do?
  • LinacView uses RT Plans and linac logfiles to monitor machine performance.
  • LinacView uses RT Plans and logfiles to do pre-treatment IMRT/VMAT QA (CPT 77301).
  • LinacView produces RT Plans that summarize machine performance for patient treatments.
What type of delivery errors can LinacView detect?

LinacView can detect errors for items that are in a linac logfile (leaf, jaw, gantry positions, etc.).

Why is it useful to create RT Plans summarizing treatment delivery?

Summary RT Plans can be imported back into your treatment planning system to confirm that treatments with machine errors (e.g., missing beams) continue to achieve treatment goals.  Also, since the RT Plan encapsulates machine behavior expressed in the logfiles during treatment, it can be evidence of treatment completion and quality.

Is LinacView easy to use?

Yes.  Typical use, when there are no delivery issues, LinacView does not affect clinical workflow.  Therapists watch deliveries for errors at the console.  Physicists are notified by email only when errors that might affect patient outcomes occur.

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