Logfile Analysis

Logfile analysis for every patient. Analyze machine performance for each fraction automatically with no impact on patient workflow.

Helps Lead to Improved Patient Safety

Quickly identify and resolve the root causes of machine delivery issues that can affect treatment quality.  An interactive display compares a variety of beam parameters up to 25 per second with 0.01 mm accuracy for DynalogTM files, including:

  • Delivered and planned leaf
  • Jaw
  • Collimator and gantry positions
  • Monitor units
  • And more....

Combine LinacView with Adaptivo for a Complete View of Delivered Dose

LinacView analyzes delivered logfile data and machine performance per patient. Adaptivo measures exit dose received by the patient. Information about actual dose, patient set up errors, and organs at risk bring reliable new insights to patient safety. Together they form a complete view of delivered dose.

Features & Benefits

Fast and Efficient Results

  • Dashboard alerts for therapists
  • Email alerts for physicists
  • Creates Summary RT Plans that allow you to recalculate dose in your own TPS

Effortless Accountability

  • Analyze critical machine parameters
  • Pinpoint origin of errors
  • Track & trend results over time
  • Automatic PDF reports

Optimized Functionality

  • Easy five-button interface
  • Tailor alerts and warning thresholds
  • Customizeable display parameters and user permissions

How It Works


Real Time During Treatment QA

Logfiles are analyzed instantly and automatically as treatment occurs. Therapists see results in real time through a summary dashboard and can respond before the patient leaves the couch. Physicists are notified by email when significant machine performance issues occur. Results are automatically appended to your patient's treatment record.

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Linac View  Pass Fail

Eliminate the Need for a 2D Array

LinacView is designed to work on your current network, monitoring log file data. During the treatment of each patient, fluence maps are created by comparing actual dose delivery positions to the RT plan for every single beam. No external hardware needed.

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Linacview Hiw Prod Hardware V2

Easy IMRT/VMAT Pre-Treatment QA

Just load your RT Plan and deliver your beams.  Logfile analysis is done instantly and automatically, becoming a part of your patient's treatment record.

LinacView is billing compliant (77301).

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Linacview Hiw Prod Realtime


LinacViewTM Software
Operating System Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
64-bits Recommended
Processor 4-core, 2GHz
i5 Core Recommended
Memory 2 Gb, 3 Gb Recommended
Screen Resolution 1280 x 800
1440 x 900 Recommended
Internet Access Required
Java JRE 1.6.3_43 or later
Memory Requirements Assuming 15 to 30 IMRT treatments per day are 15 – 180 Mb/Day
Compatibility LinacView is compatible with logfiles from Varian and Elekta linacs. Both Varian DynaLog (Clinac) and Trajectory Logfile (TrueBeam) analysis is supported in Batch Mode. Elekta logfile analysis for *.dat and *.xml format is supported but cannot be done in Batch Mode, because these files must be manually downloaded in “Server Maintenance” mode.

LinacView is a great tool to indicate systematic errors, especially when the MLC or jaw position did not align well for several patients. I was able to use this tool to communicate with field service engineers and make a correction for our Linac.  I am pleased with the performance of LinacView. 

Yu-Wen Chang, Ph.D. Medical Physicist Bellin Health, Radiation Oncology Department


LinacView Introduction

2.3 min


Product Resources

Publications, tech notes, testimonials, and other resources to support LinacView.

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Tech Notes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LinacView do?
  • LinacView uses RT Plans and linac logfiles to monitor machine performance.
  • LinacView uses RT Plans and logfiles to do pre-treatment IMRT/VMAT QA (CPT 77301).
  • LinacView produces RT Plans that summarize machine performance for patient treatments.
What type of delivery errors can LinacView detect?

LinacView can detect errors for items that are in a linac logfile (leaf, jaw, gantry positions, etc.).

Why is it useful to create RT Plans summarizing treatment delivery?

Summary RT Plans can be imported back into your treatment planning system to confirm that treatments with machine errors (e.g., missing beams) continue to achieve treatment goals.  Also, since the RT Plan encapsulates machine behavior expressed in the logfiles during treatment, it can be evidence of treatment completion and quality.

Is LinacView easy to use?

Yes.  Typical use, when there are no delivery issues, LinacView does not affect clinical workflow.  Therapists watch deliveries for errors at the console.  Physicists are notified by email only when errors that might affect patient outcomes occur.

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