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Exradin d1h 1400

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Exradin® D1H Diode Detector Ideal for in-phantom measurements

The D1H's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when flat, for use inside traditional solid phantoms.

Exradin® D1H Diode Detector part of complete solution for: Annual QA

Diode Type

  • P-type Si diode, unshielded


  • C552 shell for EMI shielding and durability, potted with near-water equivalent epoxy to eliminate air gaps

Outside Diameter

  • D1V (REF 92740): Ø 6.88 mm (0.271”) x 46.2 mm (1.817”) long, D1H (REF 92741): 6.88 mm (0.271”) x 6.88 mm (0.271”) x 34.8 mm (1.37”)

Diameter of Sensitive Area

  • 1 mm2 x ~0.05 mm thick

Effective Depth Below Surface

  • 0.8 mm - Indicator marks or lines clearly identify internal diode orientation and active face

Intended Energy Range

  • Photons: 60Co to 25 MV

Low-Noise Triaxial Cable

  • 50 ohms, 29 pF/ft, 1.5 m long

Connector availability

  • Standard BNC triax, with HV bias capability disabled. Other connector options such as TNC or type M may be available upon request.


  • Yes, may be used in water phantoms, designed to mount cleanly and easily to available chamber holders.

Operating Voltage

  • 0 VDC bias (protected from accidental high voltage application)

Signal Polarity

  • Positive

Radiation response, typ

  • ~5 nC/Gy

Leakage current, typ

  • <100 fA (typical, depends on electrometer used)

Temperature dependence, typ

  • <0.4 % / °C

Sensitivity decrease (at 6 MV)

  • <1.0 % per kGy

Dose to pulse dependency

  • > 99.5% over relevant clinical range

Dose linearity

  • > 99.9%

Field size dependency

  • > 97.0%

Intended Field size for use

  • up to (20 x 20) cm2

Directional Dependence

  • < ± 0.5% tilting ± 20

Operating Parameters

  • Temperature: 15 to 35 °C

Relative Humidity

  • 20 to 80% non-condensing


  • 650 to 770 mmHg


  • -15 to 50 °C

Relative Humidity

  • 10 to 95% non-condensing


  • 600 to 800 mmHg

Product Standards Compliance

  • IEC 60601-11, IEC 607311, WEEE, RoHS




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