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Exradin w2 max sd 1400

Exradin® W2MR Scintillator System

The W2 fiber is constructed of completely non-ferrous materials so it can be used for radiation dose measurements in an MR-linac or MR-irradiator. A specific configuration of the W2 with longer optical fibers is available for use in these treatment devices. The longer fiber provides flexibility for a variety of measurement configurations while ensuring that the MAX SD can remain outside the 5 Gauss region of the magnetic field.

Exradin® W2MR Scintillator System part of complete solution for: Annual QA Stereotactic

Exradin® W2MR Scintillator System Overview

  • AAPM/IAEA TRS 483 states the scintillator is the only detector with a kQ of 1.000, making the W2 the ideal SRS detector.
  • All corrections are built in.
  • Inherently waterproof.
  • Water equivalent.
  • Can be used for both water scanning and point dosimetry.
  • User replaceable fiber, includes both 1x1 mm and 1x3 mm.
  • No dose rate, temperature, or energy dependencies.
  • The W2 system features Čerenkov corrected measurement signals that can be converted to a proportional analog output, which can be read by any electrometer. This allows the W2 system to be connected to a water phantom system for scanning.



    Exradin w2 max sd 1400

    Jun 24th, 2021 / Measurement Without Perturbation

    You’ve never been able to accurately measure fields this small. Learn about the ideal detector for the commissioning of SRS and SBRT techniques.

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