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Exradin® A12MR Ion Chamber, Farmer-type, 0.64cc

Characterized in TG-51 and TRS-398, the A12 has fast settling time and a removable stem for superior absolute dosimetry measurements in water, air or phantoms.

Collecting Volume

  • 0.64 cm3

Nominal Calibration Factor

  • 5 R/nC

Centroid of Collecting Volume

  • 12.9 mm from tip of chamber

Collector Diameter

  • 1.0 mm

Outside Diameter of Shell

  • 7.1 mm

Shell Wall Thickness

  • 0.5 mm

Shell, Collector, and Guard Material: Shonka Air-Equiv. plastic C552

Included 60Co Buildup Cap: Wall thickness of 2.8 mm; constructed of C552


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