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QA CrossChecker

Comprehensive Beam Verification and Analysis.

QA CrossChecker™ part of complete solution for: Monthly QA CyberKnife

QA CrossChecker™ Overview

Optimized Detector Positioning For Key Linac QA Routine

  • 453 air-vented pixel ionization chambers with optimized 5 mm spacing allows for accurate machine QA including dosimetric, mechanical, gating and MLC performance testing.
  • Parallel readout from independent electrometers allows for fast measurements.

Water Phantom Free

  • Compare results to water phantom baselines and achieve accuracy within 0.5%.
  • Perform accurate monthly machine QA without the hassle of a water phantom.

Pair With Software For Lightning Fast Reports

  • Automatically compare energy measurements with their corresponding reference values.
  • Test reports are created according to user-defined tolerances.
  • Reports include reference values, allowing you to easily identify changes in your machine.

Hardware General Requirements

  • Warm-up time
    15 min for relative; 60 min for absolute
  • Pre-irradiation
    According Pre-irradiation
  • Cooling
    Forced air cooling via two fans
  • Uniformity correction
    Via an individual factory calibration matrix, determined with 60Co radiation, stored in the device

Hardware General Specification Data

  • Application
    Routine QA of high energy photon and electron beams
  • Positioning
    Gantry mount (holder optional) or patient table
  • Measuring Quantity
    Absorbed dose, dose rate
  • Energy Range
    60Co, 4 MV-30 MV Photon; 4 MeV-21 MeV Electron
  • Intrinsic build-up
    3 mm Tecaran ABS, density 1.06 g/cm³
  • Backscatter material
    RW3, thickness 22 mm
  • Dose rate range
    0.02-20 Gy/min
  • Signal to noise ratio
    Less than 1 % with 1 cGy integrated dose
  • Dose linearity
    Tested to be better than 0.5 % from 10 cGy to 5 Gy integral dose and better than 0.5 % from 0.1 Gy/min up to 4 Gy/min dose rate
  • Output factor
    Within 1 % from 5 x 5 to 25 cm field size compared to CC13 between 6 and 18 MV
  • Outer Dimensions
    56 cm (L) x 6 cm (H) x 32 cm (W)
  • Weight
    ~10 kg
  • Power Supply
    ~10 kg
  • Power Supply
    100-240 V
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Power Cord, Plug
    US or German power plug included
  • Interface to PC
    Point To Point or network Ethernet connection


Tech Notes

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