Exradin® D1H & D1V Diode Detectors

Maximize signal and spatial resolution and minimize angular dependence for consistent, accurate small-field stereotactic measurements.

The Exradin® Advantage

  • Higher signal, flatter profiles and sharper resolution with a smaller active measurement.
  • Precise measurement of minute fields with high visibility of the penumbra.

Features & Benefits

Minimize Angular Dependence

Exradin diodes have less than 0.5% angular dependence when tilted up to 20°, providing more confidence when measuring the penumbra or edge of the beam.

Specialized for Small Fields

  • The D1V's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when upright, making it ideal for photon scanning applications and use in water phantoms and the Lucy 3D QA Phantom.
  • The D1H's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when flat, for use inside traditional solid phantoms.
  • Both diodes provide superior measurement of field sizes up to 20 x 20 cm2 with excellent spatial resolution and minimal noise.


Exradin D1H & D1V Diode Detectors
Materials C552 shell for EMI shielding and durability, potted with near-water equivalent epoxy to eliminate air gaps
Outside Diameter D1V - 6.88 mm (0.271") x 46.2 mm (1.817")
D1H - 6.88 mm (0.271") x 6.88 mm (0.271") x 34.8 mm (1.37")
Diameter of Sensitive Area 1 mm2 x ~0.05 mm thick
Effective Depth Below Surface 0.8 mm
Intended Energy Range Photons: 60Co - 25 MV
Low-Noise Triaxial Cable 50 ohms, 29 pF/ft, 1.5 m long
Connector Triax BNC (others available upon request)
Waterproof Yes, may be used in water phantoms
Signal Polarity positive
Operating Voltage 0 VDC bias
Radiation Response, TYP ~5 nC/Gy
Leakage Current, TYP < 100 fA
Temperature Dependence, TYP < 0.4% / oC
Sensitivity Decrease (at 6 MV) < 1.0 % per kGy
Dose to Pulse Dependency > 99.5% over relevant clinical range
Dose Linearity > 99.9%
Field Size Dependency > 97.0%
Intended Field Size for Use up to (20x20) cm2
Directional Dependence < ± 0.5% tilting ± 20°
Operating Parameters Temperature: 15 to 35 oC
Pressure: 650 to 770 mmHg
Relative Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing


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