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Easy Access for SRS and SGRT QA Phantom

MAX-EA part of complete solution for: Stereotactic

MAX-EA Overview

Change Your Inserts, Not Your Setup

  • Reduce variation inherently caused by multiple setups while providing significant time savings.
  • Easy access to the cranial insert and anterior insert pocket. Inserts can be changed while the phantom is immobilized using an open-face thermoplastic mask.
  • Standardize End-To-End and Daily SRS QA routines across multiple machines and sites with flexibility.

Ideal for SGRT/OSMS and IGRT QA

  • End-To-End SRS QA
  • Daily SGRT & IGRT
  • Daily Winston-Lutz
  • 6DoF QA
  • Film + Ion Chamber
  • Multi-Site Standardization & Repeatability
  • iQA Auto Analysis Software


Winston-Lutz Insert for Multiple Met / Single Isocenter QA
with 5 Distinct Targets

3D Film Insert for Multiple Met / Single Isocenter QA
Features Seven Distinct Targets:

  • 4 Spherical Targets
  • 1 Ventricle Target
  • 1 Vertebral Structure with Large Sagittal Film Plane
  • 1 Ion Chamber / Detector

6DOF Shift Plate

  • Indexes to couchtop to impart a shift in Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

Orthogonal Film Insert



    Mar 30th, 2023 / Precise Multiple Met SRS QA

    The MAX-EA phantom is ideal for Multiple Met and single isocenter QA with inserts that feature multiple distinct targets for the most accurate QA. Efficiently perform SRS QA across multiple sites and machines with maximum repeatability and easy access to inserts using this phantom.

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