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Quick Arc Phantom

Gain confidence in the accuracy of your treatment plans and help improve patient safety.

Quick Arc™ Phantom Overview


Includes 32 ion chamber cavities and 20 density insert cavities. Each phantom comes with a full set of water equivalent inserts for filling these cavities.

Water Equivalent

Made from a proprietary, heterogeneous material which has been shown to be water equivalent to within 0.5%.


By simply rotating the phantom on its base, point measurements can be taken with 0.5 cm resolution along any transverse plane through the center of the phantom.


  • Diameter
    30 cm
  • Thickness
    18 cm


  • Physical Density
    1.047 g/cc ± 0.1 g/cc
  • Electron Density
    0.562 ± 0.003 e/g/cc


  • Number ion chamber cavities
  • Number density insert cavities
  • Location
    Density insert cavities located at 6.5 cm and 11 cm radius


  • Water equivalent
  • Film plane with reference markers on the top half
  • Configure with or without heterogeneities
  • 20 cavities for density plugs located at 6.5 cm and 11.0 cm
  • radius
  • Alignment scribe lines every 10 degrees
  • Physical density of 1.047 g/cc ± 0.1 g/c


Tech Notes

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