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Raysafexosolo 1400

Machine QA Diagnostic

RaySafe X2 Solo R/F Precise X-Ray, CT/CBCT QA Test Tool

RaySafe X2 Solo R/F is a precise X-Ray, CT/CBCT QA test tool covering all your radiography, fluoroscopy, and kV imager measurement needs.

RaySafe X2 Solo R/F part of complete solution for: Diagnostic CT QA

RaySafe X2 Solo R/F Overview

  • For conventional X-ray, radiography, surgery, CR, DR, CBCT and CT (kVp, HVL and time only).
  • Measures dose, dose rate, kVp, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse.
  • Options include HVL & total filtration as well invasive mAs measurements.
  • One dynamic range covering low dose rates in fluoroscopy and kV range up to 150 kV for CT.

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