QA Fusion

Reduce time for QA & increase patient safety

Understand your Machine QA at a glance and automate image-based & templated tests

Give your team the ability to review results, schedule tasks, log equipment owned & calibrations, receive system notifications & messages, and approve plans all from one dashboard. Link to program reviews, policies, and procedures with ease, and use default templates or create your own set of QA protocols and standards. Share templates across institutions and ensure consistency across entire hospital networks. This new combination of products obsoletes the need to rely on spreadsheets ever again.

QA Pilot

Access and store your QA data without manual spreadsheets or multiple programs. Reduce time for QA and increase patient safety by using a single platform to understand your machine QA at a glance.

PIPSpro Software

TG-142 imaging and machine QA procedures in a single, intuitive platform. PIPSpro provides a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of your imager and linac, easing the implementation of TG-142, and allowing for the automation image-based and templated tests.