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Exradin® A101 Ion Chamber, CT, 4.54cc

Performs the measurements necessary for calculating the CTDI as described in TG-74. It has excellent response uniformity over the chamber length, with variation less than ±3%.

Exradin® A101 Ion Chamber, CT, 4.54cc part of complete solution for: Diagnostic CT QA

Active Collecting Volume

  • 5.48 cc

Active Collecting Volume Length

  • 12.08 cm

Collector Diameter

  • 2.4 mm

Body Tube Outside Diameter

  • 10.0 mm

Wall Thickness

  • 1.0 mm

Overall Chamber Length

  • 164.3 mm

Body Tube and Guard Material

  • Shonka air-equivalent C552 plastic

Nominal Volume

  • 4.54 cc

Nominal Length

  • 10.0 cm

Response Uniformity Over Nominal Length

  • ±3%

Energy Response

  • 80 to 150kVp ±4%

Collector Material

  • Carbon Fiber

Electrical Power Requirements

  • Operates at +300 VDC

Nominal Collection Efficiency

  • 100%

Maximum Polarizing Potential

  • 1000 VDC

Nominal Inherent Leakage Currents

  • 10-15 A

Low-Noise Triaxial Cable

  • 1.5 m long; 50 ohms; 29 pf/Ft


  • Triaxial BNC Plug (2-Lug Male) and protective cap connected by chain (standard); others available upon request

Included Adapter Sleeve

  • Wall Thickness of 1.3 mm; Constructed of PMMA

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