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Exradin® A101 Ion Chamber, CT, 4.54cc

Performs the measurements necessary for calculating the CTDI as described in TG-74. It has excellent response uniformity over the chamber length, with variation less than ±3%.

Exradin® A101 Ion Chamber, CT, 4.54cc part of complete solution for: Diagnostic CT QA

Active Collecting Volume

  • 5.48 cc

Active Collecting Volume Length

  • 12.08 cm

Collector Diameter

  • 2.4 mm

Body Tube Outside Diameter

  • 10.0 mm

Wall Thickness

  • 1.0 mm

Overall Chamber Length

  • 164.3 mm

Body Tube and Guard Material

  • Shonka air-equivalent C552 plastic

Nominal Volume

  • 4.54 cc

Nominal Length

  • 10.0 cm

Response Uniformity Over Nominal Length

  • ±3%

Energy Response

  • 80 to 150kVp ±4%

Collector Material

  • Carbon Fiber

Electrical Power Requirements

  • Operates at +300 VDC

Nominal Collection Efficiency

  • 100%

Maximum Polarizing Potential

  • 1000 VDC

Nominal Inherent Leakage Currents

  • 10-15 A

Low-Noise Triaxial Cable

  • 1.5 m long; 50 ohms; 29 pf/Ft


  • Triaxial BNC Plug (2-Lug Male) and protective cap connected by chain (standard); others available upon request

Included Adapter Sleeve

  • Wall Thickness of 1.3 mm; Constructed of PMMA



    Mar 9th, 2023 / Tools for Scanning Small Fields

    Small fields have met their match. The Exradin Scintillators ensure the tightest treatment margins are delivered safely to patients. Discover the advantages of using these detectors that are invisible to the beam and water equivalent.

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