DoseView 3D:
How It Works


The Detector Alignment System ensures that the center of the detector is consistently placed at the exact position relative to the water's surfaceAccurate Positioning

Setup is simple and repeatable with the DoseView 3D, so you can get to measurements quickly. A wireless pendant and fiducials on the tank allow for hassle-free coarse positioning, while the Precision Position Platform’s fine X and Y movements (up to 12.5 mm) and phantom rotation ( ±1o) helps perform the final minute adjustments.

Automatically Fill Tank and Align Detectors

Auto-fill capacity on the Lift and Reservoir Tank allows users to install the Crosshair Alignment Jig and prep any detectors while the tank is filling. After the tank is filled (in less than 7 minutes) and the origin is established, the Crosshair Alignment Jig can be quickly swapped with an ion chamber or diode. The Detector Alignment System ensures that the center of the new detector is placed at the exact position relative to the water’s surface.

Fewer Cables, Faster Data Transfer

The DoseView 3D contains the most robust, low-latency wireless receiver available, allowing large amounts of data to be transferred with ease. This eliminates extraneous cabling and long extension cables that compromise the quality of data collection. The result is more confident measurements with fewer materials to manage.


Doseview 3D Setup WizardStreamline Scan Setup and Saving

Begin data acquisition by using either the wizard-based or manual setup options to define your scans. The setup wizard walks through data acquisition in an easy to learn, step-by-step progression, while manual setup offers more flexibility and detailed control.

Custom scans created in Auto-Acquisition mode can be saved and recalled for later testing. These sets can be implemented, edited and organized on a TPS or custom basis to streamline commissioning and QA procedures.

Secure Data Acquisition

The DoseView 3D acquires both depth dose and profile data in a single operation. All scan data is saved while the scan is occurring in case a beam needs to be shutoff. Once the beam has been turned on again, the scan can resume without any reprogramming.


DoseView 3D - Scan Processing ModuleComprehensive Data Processing and Manipulation

The Scan Processing Module in the DoseView 3D software features a suite of tools that facilitate data manipulation. These include: Mirror, Average, Concatenate (merge half scans), Smoothing, Point Edit, Re-center, Flip, Surface Shift (for EPOM shifts) and Adjust Normalization. All raw scan data is stored in the same file format as processed data for quick reference and comparison.

Table Generation and Database Management

Quickly prepare your data for TPS export with the DoseView 3D software. CAX data or manually entered values are used to create PDD, TAR and TPR/TMR data tables for printing or exporting. Scan data is stored in machine -> energy -> SSD hierarchy, for easy browsing, editing, re-organizing and printing of existing files.


Export scan data to a variety of treatment planning systems, including:

  • Varian Eclipse
  • Philips Pinnacle
  • Elekta XiO
  • Elekta Monaco
  • Prowess Panther
  • Elekta Oncentra

All supported TPS systems are included at no additional charge.

DoseView 3D - Alternate Lift CartEfficiency Lift Cart

An alternate, portable lift cart is also available. The electric lift table has a capacity of 900 pounds and is capable of over 15 inches of vertical travel.