IMRT Dose Verification Phantom

Mimics human anatomy to refine setup and treatment of patient dose verification.

Assure Precision in Simulated Patient Conditions

Prescribed dose is evaluated in a medium closely mirroring a patient; ideal for prostate, head and neck regions and for commissioning gated protocols.

Fast, Versatile Setup

Combine absolute, relative and point dose measurements with up to 16 chamber positions, 5 film positions and up to 9 diodes.

Fast coronal film orientation captures the dose contribution of all fields and segments.

Efficient Respiratory Gating

Optional Respiratory Gating Platform simulates breathing, providing the foundation for a commissioning, training and dose verification program of gated IMRT treatments.


IMRT Dose Verification Phantom
REF Number 91230 - Acrylic IMRT Dose Verification Phantom
91235 - Virtual Water™ IMRT Dose Verification Phantom
Height (six slabs) 18.00 cm (7.09 in)
Width (each slab) 30.00 cm (11.81 in)
Length (each slab) 45.00 cm (17.72 in)
Weight (six slabs) 22.7 kg (50.0 lbs)
Included Components (2) Acrylic/Virtual Water chamber phantom slab with 6 cavities for ion chamber placement
(2) Acrylic/Virtual Water phantom slabs for build up thickness
(2) Acrylic/Virtual Water lung phantom slabs with cavities for simulated lungs
(16) Solid Acrylic/Virtual Water plugs to fill unused ion chamber cavities
(1) Plug with cavity drilled for ion chamber of your choice
(1) Bone-equivalent plug
(1) Lung-equivalent set with four (4) inserts for lung phantom voids
(12) Location pins
Product Standards CE


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