MAX-EI Simple SRS QA Phantom

Repeatable, comprehensive essential implementation of end-to-end SRS QA routines.

Quick to Set Up, Scan, and Plan

Versatile Build

Made of tissue equivalent material. Strategically placed pseudo-skull, oral and sinus cavities for proper localization with IGRT. Use with or without thermoplastic mask. Quick setup without the need for a cradle or other accessories.

Essential and Intuitive

Provides essential implementation of SRS QA for highly-repeatable, flexible and efficient routines with minimal impact on clinical needs.

Full Flexibility

Compatible with virtually every treatment delivery modality and offers a flexible range of dosimetry options. Treatment delivery for multiple met cases possible with ion chamber, film and optional OSLD offers confidence in SRS QA.

Winston Lutz Ready

Lower density material in brain region with embedded fiducials for Winston Lutz test and Offset Winston Lutz test. No disruption of image quality.

EI Ion Chamberhuge 1556896374

Efficient Evaluation

Evaluate critical components each day, characterize the percentage delta to the End-To-End Chain Baseline dataset, and quickly detect when the system needs attention.

OSMS 2huge 1556896344

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