Winston-Lutz Cube

Precise QA for Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Simple IGRT QA

The Winston- Lutz Cube Phantom’s unique design includes offset alignment targets on 4 sides, making this phantom ideal for testing your system’s ability to apply corrective couch shifts for 2D MV/kV planar imaging and 3D CBCT.

Quick, Comprehensive Stereotactic QA

The Winston-Lutz Cube Phantom combines ball marker alignment and phantom-based laser alignment allowing quick verification of radiation isocenter and laser accuracy verification of pretreatment during this test, allowing for easy execution of all necessary stereotactic QA procedures.

PIPSpro Stereotactic Software

Automatically analyzes images of the Winston-Lutz Cube Phantom. Analyze both cone based and MLC based treatments (software sold separately).


Winston-Lutz Cube Phantom
Cube Dimensions Cube with 6.00 cm sides (±0.013 cm)
Fiducial Dimensions Front (1.50, 1.00)
Left (-2.00, 1.00)
Right (2.00, 1.00)
Top (1.50, 2.00)
Embedded Center Ball Ø 5mm Tungsten Carbide
Phantom Materials Acetal, white with black painted fiducials for easy visibility