StructSure Software

The first quality assurance software for the contouring of structures.

Unparalleled Contouring QA

  • Import pairs of DICOM RT structure datasets and evaluate them qualitatively and quantitatively in a matter of seconds.
  • Generate 3D volumes of critical structures and delineation errors.

Features & Benefits

Improve Contouring Consistency

  • Quickly analyze pairs of datasets to train personnel or evaluate the abilities of a new staff member.
  • Customizable success metrics ensure that contours for your treatment plan exceed your specific standards.

Evaluate Auto-Contouring Tools

  • If purchasing an auto-contouring system, use StructSure QA Software to quantitatively compare each tools’ ability to reproduce delineated structures.
  • If you already own an auto-contouring system, use StructSure to commission the system and determine where the tool excels and which contours require manual intervention.
StructSure software compares two sets of DICOM images


StructSure Software
REF Number 91340
System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Microsoft® Windows® XP
Processor Intel® or AMD®, 350 MHz or greater
Memory 64 MB (256 MB recommended)
Hard Drive 50 MB or greater
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 recommended)
CD-ROM Drive 2X speed or greater
Screen Color Depth 256-bit or greater
Product Standards CE, Designed to meet IEC 60601-1-4
U.S. Patent Numbers. 8,081,813


StructSure QA Software

0.1 min


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